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One of the breeds of dogs, belonging to the group of dogs such as Pinscher, Schnauzer and Molossian dogs, Swiss Mountain Dogs along with other breeds. Classified to the dogs section of the Pinscher and Schnauzer type in the Schnauzer subsection.

Today, he is considered by many breeders to be the oldest of the Schnauzer family. The first mentions of the Middle Schnauzer were noted in the 16th century, when it was described as a dog accompanying horse-drawn carriages and people involved in stagecoach. They were dogs, which, apart from the role of a watchman in cattle and sheep breeding, were quite often used by the then carriages to exterminate rodents in the stables. Their task was also to further motivate the horse in the moment of need, to run faster by gnawing it into the fetus. They were also perfect as a warning dog protecting against marauding bandits. A quite often used name in the earlier time of this variety was also the name Stable Pinscher. The other varieties of this breed would also be derived from the high schnauzer. It is assumed that its origin is connected with a rural dog coming from Germany.

In addition to the purpose of the guard dog is slightly more often used as an accompanying dog. In extreme cases, especially in times of danger, he can be an aggressive dog. Usually, however, he is an obedient friend of his guardian and an uncomfortable householder.

BEHAVIOR AND CHARACTER:: A typical temperament for a schnauzer is a lively temperament combined with a gentle temper. It is characterized by gentleness, a desire to play and proverbial dedication to the owner. He loves children, he is incorruptible, alert, but not noisy. Well-developed sensory organs, intelligence, ease of training, courage, endurance and resistance to bad weather and diseases make the Schnauzer a perfect family dog, companion and guardian. He also has the characteristics necessary for a service dog.