I have never had a dog at home, but my wife, Małgosia, was brought up practically from birth with dogs. "My" only dog ​​that was in my childhood life is in the village on my grandmother's farm. I have been dealing with my own dog since 2001, when we decided to buy a dog. We wondered what it should be like? preferably the one who will be a friend for our son, and for us a faithful friend and after a long thought we decided that it will be a schnauzer. We were looking for quite a long time, it could not be found in the press advertisements about the sale of puppies and schnauzers, in which case we did not have the internet so our search was focused only on the local press.
Wednesday we bought a newspaper with "Gratka" ads from Lodzka and there was only one advertisement and only one bitch, the wife's requests convinced the breeder that she would keep her and reserved her until Saturday, because only then we could go for her and it did so from 01-09 -2001 we were the owners of the middle Schnauzer. Now we are the owners of the beautiful FLER Adekatos Poland FCI which is the foundation of our adventure with Cynology and the "founder" of the home kennel Elfara Poland FCI